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Magic Plus User Finder


Extras / Features

Easy, user-friendly menu. 4 Menüsprachen: German, English, Turkish and Dutch. LNB Kurzschlussschutz.

Sat-beeper for acoustic detection of a satellite. Display of the satellite, the transponder and the receivable channels. Display of the analog signal level, the digital signal quality and BER as a percentage and bar graph.

Show the frequency, the polarization, the FEC and symbol rate. Fast spectrum analysis to locate a satellite. Identify the source of satellite.

DiSEqC – Control and DiSEqC - Port scanning for multi-, – and DiSEqC switch. Automatic Ausschaltfunktion.

Satellite, – and transponder lists programmable via RS232 interface. Software to edit the satellite, + Transponder Lists Available 32 Satellite and 256

Transponderspeicherplätze. Long periods of operation on built-in rechargeable batteries. Rapid charge using 220V mains adapter and 12V car charger. Carrying case included.


Magic Finder Plus manual can be downloaded in pdf format: magicfinder-plus-bedienungsanleitung.pdf or you can use the following web page, read to the State led.

A & Turning the equipment

Turns & Turning the equipment off the power- Key for 2 Seconds to change. After switching the logo appears on the screen and the device is now ready. Switch to turn off the main menu and the Power- Key for 2 Seconds to change. The unit turns off now.

• If the battery voltage is too low will not turn on the device. For this purpose, the unit charge it before using.

• In operation, when the battery voltage is not sufficient switched off automatically. The battery meter on the screen constantly on the condition of batteries.

Auto Off / Auto Power Off

The magic finder is equipped with an energy saving function. If within 5 is minutes of no button, no matter which menu item you are, the device switches back automatically to the main menu. If then in the next 5 Minutes of no button is pressed the unit will automatically.

Charging the batteries

The magic finder with advanced lithium- Ion batteries fitted. This is the long working hours allowed for up to 4 Hours on a single charge. It is not necessary to discharge the battery completely before recharging is done.

These lithium-ion batteries have no memory- Effect. To charge you only use the original charger which is supplied with the magic finder.

The charging process begins with a quick charge up 80% the capacity is reached and then with a slow loading process, and ultimately the full capacity is reached. It is not advisable to leave the unit permanently on the charger. If the magic finder off when the charge then the battery status on the display

If the magic finder during their operation starts charging, rapid charging and the battery status indicator flashes on the display to about 80% the capacity is reached and with a slow loading process, and ultimately the full capacity is reached. If the loading process before reaching the full

The battery capacity is reduced accordingly terminated the possible working!

• The full capacity 100% discharged battery is about to 2 Hours charging time reaches.

• When the unit is extended, the charging time.

• If the unit for a long period of time should be used before a full load operation can be performed.

For longer storage of the device you should be about. all 3 Months to make charging. This increases the life of the lithium-ion- Batteries.

• Never place a higher charging voltage than 24V. This could damage the device.

• The charger should supply at least 12V and 1A load current. Otherwise, the full capacity of the battery never reaches.

• The magic finder can without charging and with the supply voltage of your satellite receiver / Multiswitch are powered.

To prevent damage, then no charger may be connected to the magic finder. If the batteries are charged, however, during operation of the magic finders
be, then any merely the components to be measured (LNB, DiSEqCSchalter) the output of the magic finders are! The entrance will be open.

• In very cold weather will reduce the working hours of the magic finders. This is a normal physical effect of the lithium-ion batteries .


The unit is equipped with a short-circuit protection. With a broken or LNB. a short circuit in the supply line or the DiSEqC switch, the unit suffered no damage. In the case of a short circuit is indicated on the display (LNB Completed).

The audible beeper is then also from a continuous tone. The measuring process is terminated automatically and the unit of measurement mode back to the main menu.

Main Menu


Using the function keys you can switch to the desired menu item. For this purpose, use the arrow keys to select the menu item and green with the “OK Taste” confirm.

The device can be turned on only when you are in the main menu.

Instant messaging HAND SEARCH


In this menu you can choose the desired satellite to search for you. In line 1 can do one of the 32 Select a stored satellite.

In line 2 can do one of the 8 Select Transponder. In line 3 appears to select the frequency of the transponder, the polarization and the symbol rate.

After pressing the green “OK Taste” the measuring process is started. With the red “Back button” You go back to the main menu.


The display will be the analogue signal strength and quality in their digital percentage and shown as bar. If no signal appears to be felt in the 2.

Line “Search” and the signal level or. the signal quality display no useful value. If a usable signal logged then a “Lock icon” under the channel name appears next to it shows LOCK. Now appear values for the signal strength and quality.

Now, the green “OK Taste” so depressed, see the next menu item detailed information such as frequency, Symbol Rate, FEC and QBER (Bitfehlerrate)


If a usable signal is received so right shown in the first two rows back a lock. In a bad signal appear in the rows 3+4 question marks.

The QBER rate is represented as a bar graph. The lower the displayed value the better the signal quality and lower the bit error rate. This value changes with the twist or Satspiegels. by rotating the LNB. Press the red "back button" to return back to the main menu.

Instant messaging SAT SEARCH


In this menu, the analog signal strength “S” and the digital quality “Q” shown. Digital data is received so the database of the device queried. If the received satellite in this database will be identified and in the 1. Line indicates.

The process in steps: Upon receipt of a satellite you want in the menu “SAT SEARCH“. The signal is then decoded and the data of the 12 TOP saved satellite compared.

If the received satellite available in this list will be identified and displayed as a name. The 12 TOP satellites is to understand the following: Only the first 12 Satellites in the stored

List are included in this function. The list may be using the Editor software can be changed at will. Since only the transponder data of the first 12 Satellites are compared to ensure that the data currently

Outdated data from possibly. no longer available transponders does not lead to success! Make sure that the transponder of the satellite data do not overlap. If you are in 2 The same satellite transponder data may have set this lead to measurement errors.

If 2 Satellites use the same data may identify a 100% fail. With the red “Back button” You go back to the main menu.

TIP menu item SAT SEARCH

1. The satellite must be sought among the 12 first satellite in the list is.

2. Make sure you have the transponder data currently.

3. Watch out for different choices of the individual transponder frequencies and. different symbol rates.

4. Set the symbol rate min. AN 22MS/Sekunde. Since the first high symbol rates will be retrieved by the search process is accelerated.

5. Current transponder lists on the Internet.

Instant messaging DiSEqC SEARCH


In this menu you can determine at what input of multi-switch or. DiSEqC switch which satellite is received.

Is changed in this menu item then the 4 Inputs A through D scanned and identified them fed and displayed satellite. Condition is, the satellites are located in the existing satellite list. See also Chapter 2.2 “SAT SEARCH“. With the red “Back button” You go back to the main menu.

Instant messaging SPECTRUM


Spectrum is to display the signal strength of the entire analog spectrum from 950-2150 MHz. The peaks show the strong signals. When a linear spectrum is displayed as a useful signal received. This indicator is very useful for
quickly locate satellite signals.

On the right side of the display, the polarization, the band, der Signal-Level, the noise filter and the measured DiSEqC port displayed. These parameters can be changed during the measurement process. If the measured level is very low or. very high, so this level to 0dB, 3dB or 6 dB can be changed.

The noise filter “Supp” effect that the amount of noise is filtered out and only the useful signal is displayed. If you switch so that the entire spectrum of reduced and displayed only the peaks.

With the DiSEqC option to, if a DiSEqC switch / switch is used, select the input (A,B,C,D). To identify the currently received satellite, the green OK button must be pressed.


The satellite is identified then the name of the satellite on the top line displayed on the spectrum.

Identification is possible only if the currently received satellite is the satellite. Condition is, the satellites are located in the existing satellite list. See also Chapter 2.2 “SAT SEARCH“. With the red “Back button” You go back to the main menu.



In this menu, various settings can be made. In the

1. Line, you can “LNB TYPE” Select. In the

2. Line, you can make the DiSEqC setting. The DiSEqC command is if a DiSEqC switch is used to pass this.

Now only the selected port (A,B,C or D) measured. In the

3. Line, the brightness of the backlight can be changed. This setting is very useful in order to preserve the batteries and extend the operating time accordingly.

In the 4. Line may sound on or off. be turned off.

In the 5. Line, the desired menu language

Listed are. The following menu languages available: German, English, Turkish and Dutch. All parameters with the “Arrow keys” be changed. The changes are only after pressing the green “OK Taste” taken.

If the red “Back button” is switched so depressed without saving back to the main menu.

Technical data

Battery / Battery   Typ 8.4V 2000mA Lithium-Ion
LNB Signal Level   -65dBm / -25dBm
LNB input jack   Typ F-Buchse
LNB control   13/18V, Max 600mA
  0/22KHz 1Vpp
  Mit Kurzschlußschutz
LNB input – Impedance   75Ohm
Symbol Rate   2000 – 45000 Units / Sec
FEC   1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 (Automatic)
Eingangsfrequenzbereich   950-2150 MHz
Polarisationswahl   13/18 In (LNB, DiSEqC switch)
  DiSEqC (Multiswitches)
Band selection   0/22KHz (LNB, DiSEqC switch)
  DiSEqC (Multiswitches)
DiSEqC Interface   2.0
Satellitenspeicher   32
Number of transponders per satellite   8 (Together 32×8TP = 256)
Usable LNB types   Alle Universal Typen
  (Single, Twin, Four, Four Switch)
  C Single
Keyboard   6 + 1 Taste
Ladeadapter   12VDC 1A SMPS

Magic Finder PLUS has never been easier Fairs !!!


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