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Magicfinder Plus Turkish User Guide


Magicfinder Plus Features

Easy-to-understand menu and keypad. Analog Signal Level, Digital Signal Quality % with the representation and Bar, voice notification. Timing Lock, Data Lock and Digital Signal FEC type display.

Digital Signal QBER (Bit Error Rate) Units with impressions and Bar. Display of detection and shift timing.

True representation of the carrier wave frequency and the amount of slip. Fast spectrum analysis and representation, and satellite detection.

Turkish, English, Dutch and German language options. Satellite and TP list update via RS232 connection. Quick charge system and the long-term use with a single charge.

DiseqC switches and command support for DiSEqC Multiswitch . Scan function DiSEqC.
32 Satellite Unit, 256 Memory Unit TP. Manual frequency entry to and change. Manual entry to the new LNB type. LNB short circuit protection. Auto-off function.


Magicfinder Plus User's Guide can be downloaded in pdf format: magicfinder-plus-kullanim-kilavuzu.pdf You can read the following web page, or transferred to the state of. User Guides Page Service manual review of other models

Switch the device on / off

To operate a device, Power Button about 2 button for sec. The logo will be displayed on the screen and the device is ready for use. Main Menu Power Button to turn off the device in approximately 2 button for sec.

The device will shut down. The device may not open the battery level is very low. Please wait until the charging process. While in use the device will automatically turn off if the battery level drops below the critical level. This situation, approaching the critical level the top right corner on the screen with a flashing battery picture can be traced.

Battery Charging System

© MagicFINDER was supported by the device's high-tech Lithium-Ion batteries. In this way, with a single charge of measuring and adjustment allows for a long time. At the same time, these batteries have no memory impact, can be charged at any time.

There is no need to wait for the batteries completely discharged completely. © the device will charge the batteries in two stages MagicFINDER. Power Adapter Input, device is presented together with the charging adapter or 12VDC car charger will start charging you insert attachment.

To be applied according to the state, first, quick charge battery charger, and then slowly filled with a healthy portion of the battery capacity of 100%. Picture to be displayed on the screen is turned off when you start charging a battery and battery charge status can be tracked within the moving bar. When you open the device starts charging the battery icon in the upper right corner can be made with the same visual tracking. Fast charge continues to be displayed in the battery when a bar moving.

Fast charging is complete, a full battery image appears, in this case, the battery device %80 and filled and the device is ready for use. However, there is the battery capacity %100 luxury device for the slow 1 There is charge for more hours to leave.

*** Total filling time for completely discharged 2 Time may.

*** Charging time will be longer if the device is used during charging.

***The device used for a long time, you must fully charge a battery life for kısalmaması.

*** The device used for a long period of time than even the most 3 a month is recommended to be charged. Because lithium-ion batteries are left uncharged for long periods may be shortened ömüreri.

***Do not apply voltage higher than 24VDC.

***At least charger adapter of 14VDC @ 1A. Charging adapters with a lower value on the screen even if you see the phrase may not fully charge the batteries.

***Not recommended for use during charging device. Because the charging adapter is connected
network with, LNB, Receiver, Multiswitch of sources such as the earth turns on the device between networks may cause serious damage. The appliance must be grounded at the same time only a single point.

*** Very cold weather, lithium-ion batteries, battery performance may be reduced due to the chemical structure of. This is normal.


Auto Power Off Function

With the aim to prevent unnecessary energy MagicFINDER device is equipped with automatic shut-off function.

The device of any menu without pressing any buttons for approximately 5 minutes are expected during the, The menu will automatically fall out of use primarily to the main menu. The next 5 will turn off automatically if no action will be taken during min.

LNB Short Circuit Protection

LNB power supply unit aktifkısa MagicFINDER device is equipped with circuit protection system. Measuring agency or above normal when the short circuit current when you access the LNB short circuit protection is engaged and will appear on the screen SHORT CIRCUIT.

At the same time with a constant beep is audible warning. Short circuit or over current condition eliminated, the device returns to the last measurement was made, and the measurement process is stopped. Failure can be detected and restarted after the removal of. There is a downside to the device short-circuits.

Magicfinder Plus Main Menu

Use the desired menu, “Function Selection” and the confirmation button is selected by pressing the enter the selected menu. In this screen “Power Button” 2 sec and holding the device can be turned off during. Other buttons on this screen is disabled.

magic-finder-satmeter-plus-ana-menu_4 magic-finder-satmeter-plus-ana-menu_5

Manual Search

The first line in memory 32 One of the selected satellite. Satellite TV to change “Function Selection” people come here with a row of SAT, “Change the value Buttons” is replaced by satellite. “Change the value Buttons” holding, satellites can be made between the speed of change.

The second line is entered for the relative satellite 8 One of the pieces are selected from TP. The selection method is the same as. "Function Selection" people come here with the PRG line, “Change the value Buttons” TP is replaced with. TP degistirildikce, 3. line belonging to the selected TP, Frequency, Symbol Rate and Polarization shown.

The signal to begin the process of measurement “Confirm Button” used. To return to the main menu, “Back Exit Button” available. Screen S and the Analog Signal Level Measurement, % and shown as bar. If digital can not be caught 2. Row “WANTED” phrase appears.

Digital Timing Sinyale ait Değeri your yakalandığı, Q lock icon appears under PRG and the bottom line marked with Digital Signal / Tape Noise ratio is. At the same time, the signal / noise ratio increases, the LNB can be adjusted with frequent beeps. Both the lock icon and the next caught up Data Timing hemde “LOCK” icon appears.

In this case, the LNB setting is complete. More fine-tuning and QBER, While such detailed information on this screen to get to the real frequency “Confirm Button” available. Fine-tuning the screen is entered, The TP name is displayed in the selected title. Respectively, The actual carrier frequency of publication with the phrase FRQ, BDR with the carrier's actual phrase is a symbol / second rate, FEC rate of value displayed and QBER.

The first two row values by controlling the frequency shift can be detected at the LNB. In addition, the carrier wave and the timing cycle of the key icons on the right side of the key values indicated by the lines. If the question mark appears, the carrier wave is not detected or the value of Timing.

BER in the amount of the error in writing and Bar is displayed with. The lower rate of BER in the broadcast-quality and clean it up means. Indicator of BER in the fine-tuning can be done with the LNB. These screens to exit “Back Exit Button” used.


Satellite Finder, Description

Manual search menu, this screen are phrases such as Q and Q-noise ratio is shown with the analog and Digital Signal Level. If you are recording this data in a digital data captured by the satellite as it tries to define and be defined as defined in the satellite's name is written on the screen. Satellite identification system works as follows.

At any digital data as defined, The first memory 12 comparison is done with the information by satellite to the first TP. If the first 12 TP is the first satellite of the satellite's name is written to match lerden any uyuşursa. For this reason, updating information from the PC TP, only the first 12 Please note that the satellite is used, this function.

In addition, the first 12 only the information by satellite to the first TP karşılaştırılacağından, Make sure that the TP-date information. Otherwise, the function of healthy work. In addition to increasing the speed of satellite first TP information to define a symbol in a higher proportion of care. Because the high symbol rates can be determined much more quickly technically TP s.

The symbol rate is recommended at least 22MS/Saniye. Finally, on this screen to prevent false identification, overlap between the first TP information that you have entered careful. For example, the same frequency and symbol rate on Hotbird and Turksat the first place I do not write if you have a TP. To exit this screen “Back Exit Button” used.

magic-finder-satmeter-plus-uydu-bulma_7 magic-finder-satmeter-plus-uydu-bulma_8

DiseqC Search

This menu, What channel is used for systems in which the satellite is to be understood Multiswitch. Possible 4 DiseqC port scanned.

Each of data which is captured in a digital data which is defined and if it tries to define the satellite belongs to the DiseqC port.

Satellite identification system “Satellite Finder / Description” menu is the same as. Thus, the same precautions apply to this video. To exit this screen “Back Exit Button” used.

magic-finder-satmeter-plus-uydu-bulma-DiseqC_9 magic-finder-satmeter-plus-uydu-bulma-DiseqC_10

Spectrum Analysis

Spectrum Analysis, 950-2150 MHz frequency band are scanned from, the screen show the levels of the analog signal from the graphics on the screen. The display parts that are strong in terms of signal peaks. With options on the right side of the screen, respectively;

Horizontal / Vertical polarization selection, Lower-Upper-band selection, Signal level, Noise Filter, DiseqC port selection can be done. On the desired option “Function Selection” people come here with, “Change the value Buttons” selection is done with.

Polarization and band selection are reviewed after the on-screen graphics. If the signal is too low or too high, dB value can be changed to enable easy monitoring. The bottom part of the noise spectrum curve usually does not make sense. This is to show the area to prevent 4. Lines in the "Noise Filter" can be activated.

In this case, 4. line “SUPP” the remainder of the phrase will be displayed and will not be drawn at the bottom of the curve. Last in line with the selection of DiseqC DiseqC port can be selected at any. In this way, comparable to the signal from different ports. Searching for satellite spectrum screen can be used during. After you set the LNB to be the highest level of on-screen values “Fast Satellite Identification” of the curve with the function of the satellite can be found to belong to.

If the satellite can be identified, name written on the satellite. Satellite identification system that works like the previous menus. Thus, the same precautions apply to this video. For this operation, "the confirmation button" pressing need to flour. To exit this screen “Back Exit Button” used.

magic-finder-satmeter-plus-uydu-bulma-spektrum_11 magic-finder-satmeter-plus-uydu-bulma-spektrum_12


On the part of all the settings of the device. The desired parameter “Function Selection” selected and "Value Change" Buttons can be changed with the value. LNB Type selected in the first row. DiseqC port is selected in the second row.

Should be closed when not in use. This is accelerated because of. If selected here, the device before each measurement will spend the necessary time to send DiSEqC commands. The third line, the screen backlight intensity can be adjusted.

It is recommended to keep a higher. Because the battery life will decrease slightly. 4.
In line turned on or off the audio output device. 5. Row can be selected, the device language.

After Elections “Confirm Button” the changes are saved to the device returns to the Main Menu. If you “Back Exit Button” used, you will “Main Menu” to return.


Entering Manual Frequency, Change

On the device that is installed on your own PC rather than with a frequency change or a new frequency while the device is to enter the menu giriniz.Bu Manual search menu, press the power key briefly.

In this case, the name of the package or the frequency (on which the power key is pressed) belirecektir.yukarı and down with the arrow keys on the frequency you want an icon after entering the information into a green APPROVAL bitirebilirsiniz.Yanlış process by pressing the power button again to give up the exit from the menu.


Entering Manual LNB

When a new type of LNB is the LNB type MagicINDER device can identify and metrics.

LBN to be able to enter the type part of this process sets the USER 's Press the left arrow key until you see. When the new LNB is the device off by pressing the USER key short-term 't tanımlayadıktan then stored with the key alabilisiniz APPROVAL.

magic-finder-plus-Manual-lnb_15 magic-finder-plus-Manual-lnb_16

Technical Specifications

Battery 8.4In 2000 mA Lithium-Ion Tip
LNB Signal Level -65dBm / -25dBm
LNB Giriş Soketi F Dişi Tip
LNB Power 13/18In, Max 600mA
Top Tape Selector 0/221Vpp KHz modulation
Kısa devre koruma Was
LNB Giriş Empedansı 75Ohm
Symbol Rate 2000 – 45000 Ksembol / Sec
FEC Supported 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 (Automatic)
Frekans Aralığı 950-2150 MHz
Polarization Selection 13/18 In (LNB, DiSEqC Switch)
DiSEqC (Multiswitch) desteği Was
Band Selection 0/22KHz (LNB, DiSEqC Switch)
DiSEqC Interface 1.0 – 1.1 2.0
Uydu Hafızası 32 Quantity
Uydu Başına TP Sayısı 8 Quantity (Total 32×8TP = 256)
Supported LNBs Universal,MDU,Mdu2,Single ve 1 Quantity can be entered
Şarj Adaptörü 14/18 VDC 1A SMPS
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