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Sattracker Turkish User Guide


Sattracker professional structure prepared in accordance with the terms of Turkey sat in a satellite bulucudur.

Sattracker with the manual and automatic satellite dish antenna, you can search and quickly set the most sensitive and most.

Sattracker kept in mind when designing all the needs of the user's long-life battery and fast charging systems have been integrated. about a single charge 15-20 possible to adjust the dish antenna roll.

It is not enough in most situations in mind with fast charging system 2 designed to fill a full hour to do. Sattracker some of the on-screen battery status bar, you can see the status of warning systems and donatılmıştır.Pil. will not be available if the battery is too low to display “Battery weak” appears on the beep is heard and. In this case, the device must keep the charger into the battery until the charge.

Sattracker measuring up menus 5 minute after minute kalır.5 automatically returns to main menu. thus saving battery. measurement instant, if the LNB or cable problem, or if you have a short circuit on the screen “Short circuit” appears on the device takes to defend itself. In this way, device failure can be avoided.

Sattracker Turkish User Guide can be downloaded in pdf format: sattracker-turkce-kullanim-kilavuzu.pdf You can read the following web page, or transferred to the state of. User Guides Page Service manual review of other models



Sattracker key pack is designed to be easy to use and clear. Bottom 4 dual-functional buttons.

1- POWER BUTTON : The device to shut off utilities. (important !! will be charged only when the device is switched off. When the device is connected to the adapter even if the charge will not be charged)

2- UP ARROW BUTTON : And manual search when the menu transitions to transitions in the transponder.

3- OK / MENU BUTTON : Approval and selection tuşudur.

4- AŞĞI ARROW BUTTON : Menu transitions and gradients, the manual provides transponder aramadayken.

5- SAT/F1 BUTTON : Spectrum is used to replace satellite search or any menu.

6- TP/F2 BUTTON : Transponders are used to replace any call or a spectrum menu. Packet control menu bar to view the signal, and the levels used in.

7- DISEC/F3 BUTTON : DiseqC any search or menu changes the spectrum.(DiseqC ABCD-Off)

8- LNB/F4 BUTTON : Lnb type of menu is used to replace any call or a spectrum. (Universal Lnb-MDU-Mdu2- C-band and the user)

9- LNB IN : LNB input.

10- 12In : Charge entry.

11- CHARGE : Led indicator shows charging status (Only lights up when charging)


Sattracker device menus is very easy and useful. Up-Down and the arrow / menu keys to scroll through menus is done using. The unit 5 There are two menu.

1- MANUAL SEARCH : In this menu to search the search is done by selecting the satellite and transponder. Manual search menu entry for arrow / menu confirmation key is used.

After entering your name appears on the menu at the top, satellite. Transponder, the name appears on the screen and the frequency of. You can use the up or down arrow key to change the transponder TP button, you can also change with. Sat/F1 button to change satellite, Lnb/F4 DiseqC setting with the button or by pressing Diseq/F3 can change the type of LNB.
From this menu, the arrow / Menu button to exit.


2- FINDING SATELLITE : In this menu, the device is automatic satellite detection. Arrows to enter the menu / Menu button is pressed. If the satellite dish antenna which is turning the device's screen name that appears in the satellite. Ideal for coarse tuning a menu. Sat/F1 button to change satellite, Lnb/F4 DiseqC setting with the button or by pressing Diseq/F3 can change the type of LNB. From this menu, the arrow / Menu button to exit.


3- CONTROL PACKAGE : In this menu, all the frequencies in the satellite ayarlanılan quality values % appears on the screen. In the first 5 transponders is displayed. Up arrow key and the second 5 Transponder can look. (the device memory for each satellite 10 There transponders.) if % If you are prompted to see the signal and quality bar, not as the key pressed Tp/F2. This Menen Arrow / Menu button to exit.


4 - SPEKTRUM : S satellite transponder as a graphic appears on this menu, all 22kHz .Tp/F2 turned on or off by pressing, Diseq/F3 key selection can be made with the DiseqC, Lnb with key 13/18 (VH) selection can be made. Button is pressed and the signal quality of satellite name is displayed Sat/F1. From this menu, the arrow / Menu button to exit.


5- SATTRACKER SETTINGS : To access this menu, the arrow / Menu button is pressed. 4 There are two settings sub menu.


Be changed with the Up and Down arrow button in the submenu is reached and the Arrow / Menu key and select the setting istenile. From this menu, the arrow / Menu button to exit.



With a dish antenna is very easy to set Sattracker. Let's talk about the shape of a simple adjustment.
First of all, to set up the satellite dish antenna, please contact an appropriate direction.

Connect the antenna cable to the LNB and LNB Sattracker appropriate connector on the F-Connector to connect the device by NVI. Turn on your device by pressing the On-Off switch Sattracker. From the main menu Search Manual Arrow / menu by pressing the Enter key. In this menu, select the satellite you want to find the key to Sat/F1.


Then select the LNB type to key Lnb/F4. (The device also pops up as a standard universal LNB.

This menu, you will need to use, just a different type of LNB.)If the system is plugged into DiseqC Diseq/F3 button set DiseqC port.


We chose Satellite,We set the type of LNB, DiseqC set the transponder is well made and the selection of…


Up / Down Arrow key to Tp/F1 Or select a transponder. Now it came to setting the dish. Dish up and down the right-left-turn S and Q bars to bring the highest level. Signal and noise level increases, its voice will notify you with an increasing range of. The highest level in the lower left of the screen and set the signal side of the Q:-40.8dBm 97% ve Q:-01.23dBm 84% Written by local values are important to us.

Q:-01.23dBm 84% dBm part by how close to zero if the setting was so good
means. Paying attention to these issues by controlling the satellite transponder at least the first four should proceed with setting. After finishing this process is finished, the dish setting.


Not: Manual Satellite Finder above are described in general.

There are automatic satellite finding function of the digital satellite locator Sattracker. With this feature, even the amateur difficulty setting to make the antenna has been.
Satellite Finder menu and enter the main menu.

Sattracker Lnb connection device left and right made dish antenna up and down slowly converted to. If you received any signals from the satellite's name and the signal-to-quality levels are displayed on the screen. In the same way, depending on the level of the signal and the device's speaker sound quality is.

Even without looking at the device screen, high-quality sound thanks to the tone can be set according to the severity. Audio signal in places with low average range of seconds while the sound signal rise and fall frequently BEEP sounds, is often. From this menu, the arrow / Menu button to exit.



Digital Satellite Finder with Sattracker Multiswitch (central) very easy to set up.. When the central sub-band , upper band , 22kHz to 22kHz sub-band and top band will need to check them all publications. In general, satellite bulucularda View menus to check these bands and separate
need to look at separate.

Digital Satellite Finder Sattracker device solution to this problem has been. Package Control menu at the same time 5 and quality information in the transponder signal appears on the screen.


Package Control menu screen is entered as the first in memory 5 transponder information of interest.
Other 5 Up the OK button must be pressed to see the grain. Transponder information % as
BAR is not required to see this screen, simply pressing T/F2. Second 5
Pressing the Up Arrow key, the transponder is required to see again. From this menu, the arrow / Menu button to exit.



Spectrum analysis features are device Sattracker Digital Satellite Finder. Any satellite
observe traffic as a graphic in this menu and get an idea of the satellite intensity
may. The first satellite locator devices were only spectral feature. Because it 7-8 year
before analogue transmissions until all yayındı.

Analogue signals to digital as well as a menu, not the spectrum visible in. In this menu you can see that the analog signals of the satellite view of the pressing need for the Sat/F1. Sat/F1 satellite name on the screen is pressed, Ber and quality of the signal and will appear in the values.


LNB is shown in the left menu , 22KHz and DiSEqC function keys to change values
used. 22kHz Tp/F2 switched on and off by pressing. DiseqC Diseq/F3 selection is made by pressing. Lnb key 13/18 (VH) selection can be made.

Button is pressed and the signal quality of satellite name is displayed Sat/F1. From this menu, the arrow / Menu button to exit.



This device, the language selection menu, Sound on and off , Diameter dish antenna and Contrast settings can edit the request in the form of.


Be changed with the Up and Down arrow button in the submenu is reached and the Arrow / Menu button
istenile setting is selected.

1- Oral : Or you can use English in this section of the Turkish language.

2- Antenna : 45 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm in 200 cm in diameter dish antenna is available in. How many cm in diameter, according to him going to the antenna installation is recommended to make a choice. For example, 90 cm kuracaksınız father çanak menüden 45 cm, have chosen to. In this case, finding the satellite signal and quality rates are higher than normal, and menus will appear in the spectrum.

Again 90 cm dish when 200 If you selected this time find the contrary cm in the satellite signal and quality and the menus of the spectrum will appear well below the normal rates. Very long distance and cable used in the wound can not see where the desired signal and the quality that you can experiment by changing the diameter of the dish from the menu.

3- Its : When searching for satellite signal and quality, according to a device produces different sounds. This is great for installer convenience. From this menu you can turn off the sound off. Sound shut, except for the sounds of all the menus if the warning sounds turn off.

4- Contrast : 128x64 LCD display on the device used for light. Contrast setting will set the comfort of your eye. From this menu, the arrow / Menu button to exit.


Near the end of the device, the battery charger 12V 1.3A of these values with the Or fill out the battery by charging the other with an adapter. Charging circuit is a standard power supply unit in (12Of V 1.3A) with the charging process can easily be. Average charging time 2 hours.

The device is inserted into the first charge on the front panel lights up red Charging light. The battery starts to fill up with light yellow and finally fades to green. Red light on the front panel of the battery is empty , Yellow orange colors of green, the battery is half-full or close to the green is the fully loaded.

Randımanında the battery to run full at least 2-3 the realization of the full process of filling and emptying should be full time. Chemicals in the battery is required to fully react to give maximum performance. So when you buy the device for at least the first 12 charge must keep time.

You can see the status of the battery through the device's main menu, battery indicator. If the battery level has to come will not be available on the device display sees the message and you will receive the warning tone. In this case, charging device to plug.

The following picture is the part by charging 12V input.





Sattracker Digital Satellite Finder Satellite and transponder device that is installed in the computer list can be updated with yardığı. Lnb Lnb new type of menu by entering the new values of the device can define a LNB.

For this, a PC with a USB connection and PC loader yazılığı Sattracker sufficient. First, you need to install bilşgisayarınıza Sattracker PC software. Then the computer to install the drivers for the USB device is required.

Installing the PC Program: Takin bilgisayarınıza Sattracker Cd'sini Program. Double-click to start the installation program Sattracker.exe.


“Next” Continue clicking on the button.


“Next” Continue clicking on the button.


“Next” Continue clicking on the button.


“Yes” Continue clicking on the button.


“Next” Continue clicking on the button.


“Exit” Click the button to finish installation.

Now SatTracker PC software installed on your computer. Masaüstünde SatTracker Simgesini
You will see.


Double-click on this icon to run the program. (To run the program on USB Drive
required to be installed on your computer.)

USB drivers for SATTRACKER Shipping

Sattracker switch on the Digital Satellite Finder. The device must be in the main menu. Connect the USB cable to the device and the computer.. With the connection you will see the following screen.


“From a list or specific location” Mark the forward button, select.


“Search for the best driver in this location” Mark the option to “Browse” Click the button and
C:/Program Files / folder Sattracker mark "OK" Click Botununa. Then ” Next ” Button. The following screen will.


“Continue” Button click and wait for the installation of the driver.


The driver will be loaded and the following screen will appear.


USB driver is installed run the update program can no longer Sattracker.


Run the program by double-clicking the icon on the desktop of your computer SatTracker. If the USB driver is installed correctly at the bottom of the program “Connected Digital Satmeter” You will see the article. At the same time the connection is provisioned “START” button is also active in the program will see.

Or if you have a problem with the USB driver install “Not Connected” You'll see Literature. (In this case, the USB cable is plugged into the device to make sure that the open and the main menu.)



As shown in the picture “Connected Digital Satmeter” letter to be “START” Button is active in. The program is ready for use. On the left side “Satellite List” In the middle “Transponder List” At the bottom of “Adding a new LNB Type” There are sections.

If you wish to update the name of the satellite you want to double-click on the name of the satellite. In this case, will open a new window. Here you can type the name of the satellite.


To finish the process “OK” processed to give up “CANCEL” Click.

If you want to update the name of the satellite transponder that you want to double click on. In this case, will open a new window. Here you can submit a new transponder information.


To finish the process “OK” processed to give up “CANCEL” Click.
When the market a new type of LNB do you get tanımlayabil Sattracker Digital Satellite finder device. To make this process “Add new Lnb Type” some use.


LNB Local Oscillator information you enter on this section by LNB device
menu “USER” The values will be changed according to your type of place by the new LNB.

After making all these changes work SatTracker device to install the update ”
START” button.


You will see the installation process is done on the left side of the PC Program.


Level bar will be colored green on the left end of the installation process.


Now updated and the installation process is finished. Remove the device, USB connections.
Digital Satellite Finder is ready to use Sattracker chazınız.

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