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Magic Finder Plus 3 New Desing


Magicfinder More 3 New Desing produced with advanced technology, More 3 SHARP tuner model is faster than high-end version with a new generation of professional, Designed for quick installation and microcontroller systems used in modern integrated easy to use program with a strong professional working in a fast stable Satellite Finder device.

More 3 New Desing modelinde Plus 3 all features available in the model as well as additional enhancements have been made

Geniş LNB Desteği: Universal, MDU-Vsat, Single, MDU2, MDU3, MDU4, MDU5 ve Kullanıcıya özel LNB seçenekleri vardır.

Low energy consumption is being designed with a new generation of chips that work with a very special and very fast SHARP tüner Charging time was used 1 time 15 dk. with 1 time 30 dk. among the. Duration of use with high quality LNB approximately 3 hours is about (no closing)

Manual dialing is not plugged in the cable or cable kopuksa NO WIRE warning appears. Signal Manual search menu, Quality out CN and BER added indicators

CN: Signal to noise ratio
BER: LNB `s polarization failure rate

Manual search menu right before, All frequencies are navigable using the arrow keys on the left.

Automatically stop the engine when it finds the satellite DiSEq added to the main menu and added to

Spectrum was in full-screen and was made very clear

Spectrum menu was added to convert motorized dish

Added support for device 8 `li DAYZEK

The economic life of the device when necessary maintenance 10 years

Duration of the guarantee 4 years removed (excluding batteries and accessories)

Operation of the device serial number is added to the inner and outer sections

Device according to customer's wishes boot logo logo, or names can be added as your company name and last name

More 3 New Desing Amatör, Readily available to anyone working professionally in the field.

Menu and select the satellite you are looking for super-finder at the bottom of the screen 4 Turn the dish until you find one key sign.

If the lock sign 1 or 2 most likely appear on the wrong, uydudasınızdır different. Thanks to this system is not the problem of finding the wrong satellite



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