Magicfinder Plus-2 English User Guide

Magicfinder Plus-2 English User Guide

General Features: Menu and key set that is easy to use and comprehensible To see tranponders on the same time Analog Signal Level,Digital Signal Quality % and Bar ,vocalic announcement. Timing lock,Data Lock and Digital signal FEC type display Digital Signal QBERQ ( Bit Mistake Rate ) Display with bar and unit Timing fixing and display rate of sliding Real carrier wave fixing and display rate of sliding

Fast spectrum analyise and display and function to know satellite Language selections of Turkish,English,German and Dutch. Making satellite and TP List current by RS232 connnection. Quick charge system and durable usage with only one charge.


Chancing and entering frequencyas manual Function to return factory settings. DiseqC command support for Multiswitch and DiseqC switches DiseqC scanning function 32 pcs. Satellites, 256 pcs TP Memories To enter new LNB type as manual


Here you can download: magicfinder-plus2-user-guide-english.pdf the user guide below if you wish or you can read the article


Press on power button about 2 seconds to run the system. Entrance logo will be seen on the screen and system will be ready to use. Press on power button when you are in main menu about two seconds to switch off the system.System will be closed.If battery is too low,system wont run. Please wait charge operation to finish.

If battery level is under critical level when system is open , then system will be closed automatically. You can check this case by battery figure on top right side of screen and it warns when critical level is reached.

Automatic Switchin Off Function

MagicFINDER is equipped with automatic switchinf off function to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. When system in any menu and if you wait for 5 minutes without pressing any key, then system will return to main menu automatically. If nothing is done inside next 5 minutes, then it switch off automatically.


LNB Short Circuit Prevention

MagicFINDER System LNB Power FEeding Unit is equipped with active short circuit prevention system. On measurement time when LNB entrance is made short circuit or it takes more flow than normal , prevention is on and “SHORT CIRCUIT” exspression is seen on the screen.

At the same time, continual whistle sound make Vocal warning.When short circuit and extreme flow is removed ,system turns back to function which is measured as the last and measurement operation is stopped.After failure is determined, measurement must start from the beginning. Short circuits have no damage on the system.


Battery Charge System

MagicFINDER system is supported by high technology Lithium-ion batteries.By this,it is possible To make measurement long time with only one charge and set up system.In the same time, batteries can be charged anytime because memories of battery do not have impact. It is not necessary to wait emptying it completely. MagicFINDER system charges batteries in two stages.

Charcing will begin if charge par tor 12VDC charge adaptor that is served with the system to the entrance of charge adaptor. Firstly quick charge wil be made according to condition of the battery and then it will %100 capacity Of battery slowly and healty.When charge is started if system is closed, on battery figure will be seen on the screen and charge condition will be floowed by active bar inside battery.If charge is made started
when sistem is on, visual follow can be made by battery ikon on right top.

One active bar will be seen inside battery when quick charge is going on. One full battery figure is seen when quick charge is completed. In this case,system means that it filled %80 of battery and system is ready to use.But , it is necessary

To put system on charge one hour more to fill %100 capacity.

*** Total Filling time can be more than 2 hours for batteries which are completely empty.

*** If the system is used during charge, charge period will be longer.

*** If system wont be used for long time , charge batteries to maket hem have more durable batteries.

*** Even If system wont be used for long time ,it is advised to charge once at most inside 3 months.

Because the life or lithium-ion batteries can be shorter if they are not charged even once inside 3 months.

*** Do not apply voltage more than 24VDC to the entrance of charge.

*** Use minimum 12 VDC @ 1.3A charge adaptor. Adaptors that are lower may not charge batteries even

if you seen Charge expression on the screen.

*** It is not advised to use system during charcing. Because, it may hurt seriously system by network that

Charge adaptor is tied and land turnings between resource Networks like LNB,REceiver,Multiswitch.

*** In very cold weather, lithium-ion batterries may decrease its performance cause of its chemical configuration.

This is a normal condition.



Menu that is wanted to use is selected by “Function Selecting Buttons” and menu is entered by pressing Apply buton. System may be switched off by pressing “Power Button” about 2 seconds on this screen.

Other keys are not functional .System must be on main menu when frequence is being current by computer.



One of 32 satellites on first line is selected. “Value Chancing Buttons” are used to change satellite after Coming to SATELLITE line “ Function Selecting Buttons”..By keeping on pressing . . “Value Chancing Buttons”

Fast change can be made between satellites.One of 8 TPs about satellite are selected on the second line. Selection method is the same. Come to PRG Line by “Function Selecting Buttons” and TP is changed by “Value Chancing Buttons” While Tp is changed, frequency, polaricaion and symbol rates will be shown that belongs to TP . “APPLY” button is used to start signal measurement operation.”EXIT” button is used to return main menu.

Analog Signal level with S expression is shown as % and Bar on measurement screen.
If digital carrier is not caught , then “WANTED” expression is seen on the second line. When timing value of digital signal is okey, one lock ikon is seen under PRG Expression and Digital Signal/ Band Apparence is seen on the Dow line with Q expression.In the same time, when signal / noise rate increases, vocal warning can be made by LNB Settings.

If timing and data is ok, then “Lock” icon will be seen on the screen.This case means LNB Settings Are okey.More sensitive settings and QBER,”Apply” buton is used to reach detailed information one this screen.

TP Name is displayed on the screen.when sensitive setting is entered to the screen . Real carrier frequency is displayed With BDR expression, with FEC value and QBER rate.

Frequency deviation can be fixed by checking values on the first two lines. If question mark is displayed then timing and wave will be fixed . Bar is displayed in BER part as mistake rate is written. Edition will be clean and quality how BER rate is low. LNB adjsuted carefully with BER Display. You can use “Exit” buton to exit.




Analog signal level and digital noise level are seen with S and Q expressions on this screen like manual Searching menu.If any digital data is caught,The name of satellite that is described on the screen is tried to Describe.

Satellite describing system Works like by this way : A match is made with first TP information in first 12 satellites when any digital data is definited.Name of satellite is written if TP that are first in 12 satellites Because of this, While Tp information is being made current, do not forget that is used only in first 12 satellites Care TP Information to be current cause it will be matched only in first 12 satellites.Otherwise, this function
Wont work as well in this case. Care symbol rate to be high in order to increase speed of satellite describing.

High symbol rated TPs can be fixed quickly. Advised Symbol rate is minimum 22MS/Second. As last, to prevent Wrong describing, care first TP Information of different satellites not to be same.

For example,if TP is on same frequence and symbol on Hotbird or Turksat , do not write this on the first line. Use “ Exit Back Button” to exit from this menu.



This menu is used to understand which satellite is on which channel in Multiswitch systems and it scans 4 DisecQ ports. If any digital data is caught , then it is tried to describe which satellite it belongs to and it is written to related near DiseqC port.

Satellite knowledge system is same with menu of “Find/Describe Satellite” Cause of this,this screen is used for same purposes. “Exit Back Button” is used to exit from this menu.



Spectrum analyse is a screen that helps analog levels to display on the screen by scanning frequence band between 950-2150 MHz. Top points on the screen show powerful points as signal.Selections on the right side of the screen : Horizontal / Vertical Polarization Selection, Down-Up band Selection, Noise Fitler, DiseqC port selection.

Selection is made by coming on “Function Selection buttons” “Value Chancing Buttons” .After polarization And band selection is ok,then graphic on the screen is investigated. If signals are too low or too high, dB value can Be changed to watch it well.Generally,Part that remains under spetrum curves mean nothing.

To prevent displaying This area , it is possible to activitate “Noise fitler” on the 4th line.In this case,”SUPP” expression will be seen on the 4th line and part that remains under curve wont be drawn.DiseqC port can be selected by diseQc selection on the last line.

Signals from different ports may be compared by this way.Spectrum screen can be used during satellite research Cause it runs fastly. After LNB is setted up as values on the screen are ono highest level ,it can be found that curve Belongs to which satellite.

If satellite is defined,satellite name will be written on spectrum graphic.Satellite description
System runs such in previous menus.By this reason same precautions are in use also on this screen.It is enough to pres “APPLY” button for this operation.”Back Exit” button is used to exit from this screen




It is a menu that can show signal and levels of all transponders in same satellite in memory of system as bar. It is much easier to adjust dish antenna by package control menu.

It will be very useful especially on multiswitch Set up.Turnsof operation is shown as following. Information of 4 transponders are seen as first.You can see Information of 4 transponders when you pres bottom ok key.



Here is where all settings are made to system. Required parameter “Function Selection Buttons” are selected and it can be changed by “Value Change Buttons

Lbtype is selected on 1.line.

Disecq port is selected on line 2.It must be left as off when it is not used.By this, measurement operations will get Faster. If any value is selected here, ,system will spend time to send necessary DisecQ commands.

Force of screen back light can be adjusted on 3rde.It is advised to keep more than necessary. Because it will Make battery lose lifetime.

Sound output of system can be made open and close on 4th line. On the 5th line language of system can be selected. On 6th line , you can make system back to factory settings. If “Apply” button is pressed after all selections are made,changes will be saved and system returns to main menu. If “Exit Back” button is used ,then system won’t save changes and turns to main menu



Enter Manual Search menu in order to change an available frequency or to enter a new frequency not by computer By yourself on system. Press Switch Off key for a short time in this menu.In this case,one ikon will be on package Name or frequency.

You can complete operation by pressing “APPROVAL” key after you enter required frequency By up and down ok keys. If you enter wrong information ,you can exit menu by pressing “RE-SWITCH OFF” key.



You can make your measurement and define new LNB to your MagicFINDER system when any new Kind of LNB is found. Press left ok button till you see USER in settings menu on LNB section.

When you see “user” then you must pres “Switch-Off” button for short time amd you can save it by pressing “APPROVAL” button



Battery   8.4V 2000mA Lithium-Ion Type
LNB Signal Level   -65dBm / -25dBm
LNB Entrance   F Female Type
LNB Feeding   13/18V, Max 600mA
Up Band Selecter   0/22KHz 1Vpp modulation
Shortcurciut protect   YES
LNB Entrance   75Ohm
Symbol Rate   2000 – 45000 Ksymbol/Second
Supported FEC   1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 (Automatic)
Frequency Gap   950-2150 MHz
Polarization Selection   13/18 V (LNB, DiseqC Switch)
DiseqC (Multiswitch) Suppport   YES
Band Selection   0/22KHz (LNB, DiseqC Switch)
DiseqC Interface   1.0 – 1.1 2.0
Satellite Memory   32 Pieces
TP Number per Satellite   8 Pcs Total 32×8 = 256 TP
Supported LNBs   Universal,Mdu,Mdu2,Single ve 1 can be entered.
Charge Adaptor   12-18 VDC 1.3A SMPS